September 23, 2015
Version 2015.09.23.0 Released

Version 2015.09.23.0 of MLDB is now available from See Running MLDB for installation details.

This release includes many major changes and upgrades:

  • SQL support:
    • Support for JOIN and subqueries with AS aliases
    • Support for queries without FROM
    • Aggregates without GROUP BY
    • Aggregates support row-valued input
    • Support for count(*)
    • IN expressions
    • Numerical and vector functions
    • INTERVAL arithmetic
    • New user-defined function syntax
    • New row-literal syntax
  • Unicode/non-ASCII support:
    • Entity names now support Unicode characters
    • Row/column names now support Unicode characters
    • All query output types now support Unicode characters
    • Notebook interface no longer chokes on displaying query results containing Unicode characters
    • CSV parser now accepts UTF-8 and ISO-8859-1
  • Usability:
    • PUT now overwrites entities
    • Function “pins” have been renamed to input/output values
  • New entity types:
    • classifier.experiment procedure type
    • procedure type
    • procedure type
    • script.apply function type
  • Upgraded dependencies:
    • Base Docker image is now Ubuntu 14.04
    • Notebooks are now powered by Jupyter 4.0