June 2, 2016
Version 2016.06.02.0 Released

Version 2016.06.02.0 of MLDB is now available. Head on over to MLDB.ai to try it right now or see Running MLDB for installation details.

Release notes:

  • Data model change:
    • row and column names are now stringified versions of row and column paths
  • New operator:
    • The dot/period character (i.e. .) is now a path-element indirection operator, and so may no longer appear unquoted in identifiers
  • New function-type:
  • New builtin functions:
    • geo_distance(), levenshtein_distance(), jaccard_index()
    • rowPath(), rowPathElement(), path_element(), stringify_path(), parse_path()
    • isnan(), isinf(), isfinite(), replace_nan(), replace_inf(), replace_null(), replace_not_finite(), clamp()
    • count_distinct() (aggregator)
  • New demo Notebook:
  • Credentials management:
    • credentials daemon now part of MLDB process, and routes have been moved from /v1/creds/rules to /v1/credentials
  • Breaking changes:
    • renamed inputs for classifier.experiment
      • trainingData becomes inputData, testingData becomes testingDataOverride
      • training_where becomes trainingWhere, testing_where becomes testingWhere
      • orderBy becomes trainingOrderBy/testingOrderBy
  • Performance, stability, documentation and packaging improvements