February 16, 2017 - Jeremy Barnes
MLDB.ai joins Element AI

It gives me great pleasure to announce that MLDB.ai has joined Element AI’s team. The full team, product line and customers are included in the transaction, which has already been completed.

We chose to join Element AI because we see them as an unstoppable force in the AI space, with a network of researchers that is second to none. Our MLDB technology and deep expertise in creating machine learning solutions for some of the largest companies in the world is a great complement to Element AI’s impressive customer base and R&D capacity.

MLDB will continue to be developed as an open source project, with the significantly expanded resources that Element AI has available. The Pro version of MLDB will also be open-sourced as will some plugins associated with the processing of LiDAR datasets. We will be winding down support contracts over the next six months, and replacing it with an expanded presence on the free, community based support channels.

We believe that this is a fantastic outcome for the company, and we’re really excited about building the AI-first future as part of Element AI.

Jeremy Barnes and François Maillet, co-founders of MLDB.ai Inc